The Range of Slip & Fall Bodily Damages

  • By:David Bate

Slipping and falling is not only painful but can also be financially damaging when having to pay for medical treatment. However, it may not be your fault as to why you slipped and fell. If you were at a store when the incident happened, it could have been due to a puddle of liquid going ignored and resulting in you getting hurt. If you are a renter and tripped on a raised floorboard, your landlord may be held responsible for not providing you with a safe living environment. If your slip and fall was caused because of another party, they may have to compensate you for medical costs.

Below we go over the main injury types that arise due to slipping and falling. See your doctor right away, so you have documentation of your injuries, in case you decide to file a claim against the offending party in the near future. The bodily damages associated with a slip and fall may include any of the below, a combination or some other injury type.

#1 Head Injuries

Head injuries are common for slip and fall events, especially if your head was hit on the way down on a shelf, or by directly hitting the floor. You may suffer concussions or traumatic brain injuries which can cause issues in maintaining balance, mobility, memory, personality changes and other cognitive or behavioral problems.

#2 Back & Neck Injuries

Slipped or broken discs that run along the spine and lower neck can suffer damages during a fall. In worst case scenarios, a person may endure long-term chronic pain that requires an extensive surgery.

#3 Pelvic Injuries

Many cases of slip and fall can result in a cracked pelvis or a broken hip, especially for those of retired age and above. These injuries can be very painful and often requires surgery of an invasive nature as treatment.

#4 Emotional & Mental Injuries

Depending on the severity of the fall, there may be a traumatic factor to the event. If a person were to slip and fall down a set of stairs, ladder or place of height, it can instill fear associated with the accident. Therapy and counseling may be needed for a full recovery.

#5 Torn Knee Ligaments

When falling, most people try to catch themselves and may twist before hitting the ground. As a result of a quick response, a ligament may tear in the knee. Treatment for a knee injury may include physical therapy or even surgery.

Bodily injury due to a slip and fall can result in very serious conditions, that can affect the victim long-term. Your health is most important. Many people consider seeking legal assistance in order to hold the person who directly caused your fall responsible. Many law firms offer a free consultation for new clients, which can be a great way to get familiar with an attorney and receive advice. Contact a slip and fall lawyer residents recommend for more help.

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