The Risks of Anesthesia

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The Risks of AnesthesiaAlthough anesthesia drugs heralded tolerable medical procedures for patients, many doctors and dentists continue to improperly administer the correct dosages or fail to accurately monitor patients under sedation. When this occurs patients can suffer irreversible harm and even death. Each year in the United States, anesthesia/anesthetics are reported as the underlying cause in approximately 35 deaths and contributing factors in an additional 280 deaths.

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Medical Standards of Care

Medical professionals have a duty of care owed to their patients. These are standards they must not deviate from when caring for patients. This is also true for anesthesiologists.

Anesthesia is the drug or drugs administered to patients to numb pain or fully sedate someone for a surgical procedure. There are different types or forms of sedation. These include:

If the medical team has not properly evaluated their patient preoperatively and tailored the dosage correctly, the consequences can be deadly.

Evaluation and Administration

Usually, a medical team is present during the surgery and if there is a systemic failure in the procedures carried out by the team of medical professionals, they can be held liable for their actions.


Medications administered intravenously must be done so with the utmost of care. If done improperly, the nerve tissue can sustain damage. Is could also create a slower heart rate in the patient which, in turn, reduces the oxygen levels to the brain.

Conversely, if insufficient levels of sedation are given, a patient’s worst nightmare can occur, where they are semi-conscious and feel every bit of the procedure and the pain and/or, reacts to it putting themselves at further risk of complications.

In addition to the actual act of administering the sedation, other failures by the attending medical team can also lead to catastrophic injuries. This might include insufficient monitoring, delayed or a complete failure to resuscitate a patient in distress. Nowadays, although there is the added technology to aid professionals, the risk that a technical error can occur is still a possibility.

Complications and the Compensation

Major complications from improper anesthesia dosage or bad reaction include heart attack, stroke, paralysis, nerve damage, permanent brain injury, organ shut down/failure and death.

If your loved one has endured a procedure that went wrong due to negligence of the part of the medical team, retain the services of a personal injury attorney to examine the circumstances and potentially pursue a case against the hospital, physicians, anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist, and whoever else was directly responsible for administering anesthetics and monitoring the patient.

Costly physical and financial losses are often the result for a patient who suffered at the hands of a negligent medical team, as is the emotional toll on the patient as they endure their new normal.

Compassionate Attorney

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