Top Drug Crime Lawyer Bangor ME

Many people accused of a drug possession offense often seek the quality representation of a top drug crime lawyer Bangor ME residents trust from David Bate Law Top Drug Crime Lawyer Bangor MEOffice. We have been protecting the legal rights of public citizens for over 20 years and do so by upholding only the highest level of professional council. Our strong legal team at David Bate Law Office does not back down easily and is ready to fight for your security. You can trust we are geared to tackle whatever drug accusations you are currently facing.

Our number one goal is to get your charges dismissed completely. However, at times this is not possible so we can try to negotiate positive solutions. These resolutions may allow our clients to avoid facing jail time or even prosecution.

You May be Facing Any of the Following Charges:

1)   Cultivation or Manufacturing;
2)   Paraphernalia Possession;
3)   General Drug Possession;
4)   Prescription Fraud;
5)   Possession with an Intent to Distribute;
6)   Drug Trafficking; OR
7)   Narcotic Transportation or Importation.

By hiring a top drug crime lawyer Bangor ME clients recommend from David Bate Law Office, we can assist you with all the extensive steps in the criminal justice process. It is important to us that you receive a full understanding of what you are being accused of and how we can incorporate aggressive legal strategies in order to protect you from any sentence.

The court system can choose to impose anywhere from a probationary period to a maximum sentencing in a state prison, depending on the type of crime you are charged with. Your Bangor drug crime lawyer from David Bate Law Office can describe the various penalties you face. Often, the severity can depend on the following factors.

In addition to potentially serving jail time, you may face immense fines and damage to your reputation. We understand the complexities surrounding a drug possession case. It is key that you hire a top drug crime lawyer Bangor ME locals call from David Bate Law Office who has dealt with cases similar to yours. Choosing an attorney who is not familiar with drug possession cases could have a negative impact on the result of your case. We have your best interest at heart and understand your quality of life and future is at stake.

Let a Top Drug Crime Lawyer Bangor ME Judges Respect Advocate for You

Please call us at (207) 904-5449 for a free consultation with any of our capable attorneys. We believe in seeking justice for those accused of a drug possession crime. Not only may your life be changed forever, but the relationship with your family and friends can be tarnished. A top drug crime lawyer in Bangor from our firm can work endlessly to protect your rights and help you get your life back on track.

A top drug crime lawyer Bangor ME offers from David Bate Law Office is ready and available to meet with you today to go over all the fine details of your drug possession case.