Truck Accident Lawsuits: Hurdles You Have to Face

  • By:David Bate

Truck accidents can be devastating. After an accident, you may be in shock on top of all of the other damages that you suffered. Unlike passenger vehicles, employed truckers have a company behind them that may be held liable for an accident. If you file a suit against a trucking company, however, there are obstacles that will make it harder for you to receive compensation. Here are some of those hurdles that you should expect to face.

Deep Pockets

Trucking companies tend to be large corporations that span over multiple states. If you are one person, the idea of going up against a large corporation can be overwhelming and for good reason. After all, money can afford a company a solid defense team. Don’t let this get in your way, however. Trucking companies are responsible for their employees and must follow federal regulations. If you have a trucking lawyer that understands the complexity of federal regulations, he or she can help defend you, despite the wealth of the company.

Legal Teams

When you hear that a corporation has a legal team, you may automatically worry about how your case will fare. After all, experienced lawyers will know how to use regulations to their advantage. Fortunately, when you have a truck accident attorney, he or she will know the strategies that the team might use against you. What you should never do is try to defend yourself when you are suing a company. You will not have the experience to face a legal team.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are an obstacle in every car accident case. These companies tend to want to settle out of court and pay as little as possible. Before you speak with an insurance company, make sure that you speak with a lawyer. Insurance companies will try to use anything that they can against you. The attorney can help instruct you on what to and what not to say to an insurance company. He or she can also assist you in deciding whether the company is offering a fair settlement.

To file an accident claim against a trucking company will put a number of hurdles in front of you. This does not mean that it is not worth fighting, however. Some companies assume that victims in an accident will shy away from filing a suit because of their resources. Your best course of action is not to act alone. Consult with Charlottesville, VA injury lawyers as soon as possible to prepare your defense.

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