Truck Accident Lawyer Bangor ME

Truck Accident Lawyer Bangor ME

Truck Accident Lawyer Bangor MEIf you have been injured in a truck accident, contact the truck accident lawyer Bangor ME trusts. You can call me anytime. If I am not in the office, call my cell phone, 207-478-1093.  I will respond to your voicemail or text message as soon as I can.

Your phone consultation is free of charge and without commitment.  I never charge a fee unless I recover damages for you.

You will be contacted by the insurance company, if that is not happened already. Understand this: The insurance company is not there to help you. The insurance company is only interested in saving money by limiting or denying your rightful claim. You are up against corporate greed, plain and simple.

In Maine, the insurance company can secretly record your conversations with them as they work to undermine your legal case. Call the truck accident lawyer Bangor ME uses to stand between you and the insurance company.  As soon as I send them my letter of representation, the insurance phone calls and hassles will immediately cease.

Persons involved in truck accidents need to involve an attorney immediately for other reasons as well.  Accidents often need to be investigated. Witness statements need to be clarified. Reporting police officers sometimes are vague or make clerical errors in accident reports.  These issues, if not addressed right up front, can delay your recovery and sometimes diminish or eliminate your claim.  Some things can wait, but your case is too important.  There is no knowing what harm has been done until it is too late. By contacting the truck accident lawyer Bangor ME relies on, you can put those issues behind you.

Some people ask, if most of these cases settle and never go to trial, why do I need to hire an attorney? The short answer is that you need someone on your side with knowledge, training, and education in the field. Insurance companies have well-trained adjusters who have already looked at crash vehicles before they even give you a call. They will see if they can trip you up and mistakenly “admit” issues damaging to your claim. If you have already discussed your case with an adjuster, the best advice is to simply stop. Limit the damage that’s been done.  Stop them in their tracks.  You need someone who is on your side and will protect your rights.   You need the truck accident lawyer Bangor ME calls to get the compensation they deserve.

Working with a lawyer as soon as possible is so important to your case that I often will travel, after hours, to meet with a client.  Sometimes it is the accident itself that prevents a client from coming to my office: their vehicle is inoperable or injuries have rendered them immobile.  It is unfair that the accident might prevent timely representation.  I get great satisfaction in becoming involved early, helping as soon as possible, so the insurance company cannot get the jump on you.

I have a small office, which is great if you value personal service.  There will be only one lawyer on your file: Me.  You will not be handed off to a new associate or paralegal.  There is no legal fee unless I collect money for you.  Set up an appointment today or tonight with the truck accident lawyer Bangor ME turns to.