Trucking Accident Lawyer Bangor ME

Trucking Accident Lawyer Bangor MEIf you were injured in a trucking accident, you may want to consult with an experienced trucking accident lawyer Bangor ME respects, like David Bate. He has years of experience representing trucking accident victims and is ready to help you get justice. With him on your side, you may be more likely to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Unfortunately, truck accidents occur every day. Some of them result from poor weather conditions or unforeseen road conditions, while others are due to driver error. When an accident is caused by someone’s negligence, injured victims may be entitled to compensation. You might be considering talking to a Bangor trucking accident lawyer if your accident was caused by one of the following negligent acts:

When Pressures of the Job Cause Truck Driver Fatigue

Most commercial truck drivers are tired from time to time as they drive en route to their various delivery destinations. However, there is a difference between a yawn here and there, and being at-risk for falling asleep behind the wheel due to lack of rest. Truck driver fatigue is a leading cause of catastrophic accidents, and victims are often passenger drivers who just happened to be nearby at the time that truck drivers unintentionally dozed off or lost concentration due to fatigue. When tragedies such as these occur, victims of commercial truck accidents can turn to a Bangor, Maine trucking accident lawyer in order to seek compensation from the trucker and/or trucking company for losses and damages.

The Pressure to Meet Deadlines

In many cases, truck drivers are placed under significant pressure to make it to their delivery destinations as efficiently as possible. Truck drivers are commonly paid per mile, so there is incentive to travel at a faster pace. Due to these factors, a truck driver may skip out on a break, drive throughout the night, falsify logbook entries, and drive for more hours in one sitting than is deemed safe. When trucking companies place unreasonable (and sometimes illegal) pressures on a driver and that driver causes harm due to work-related fatigue, crash victims may be able to work with a Bangor, ME trucking accident lawyer in order to hold the company responsible for their share of harm caused.

The Deadly Microsleep

When a truck driver is impacted by fatigue, he or she may start to swerve within the lane, speed in excess, become unaware of surroundings, or even enter brief periods of microsleep. Microsleep is a response to sleep deprivation, in which the body enters very short spurts of sleep that can last anywhere from a fraction of a second up to half a minute. The person affected by microsleep may not realize this is happening at all. So, a truck driver who skips out on a night of sleep to get hours ahead of schedule, could enter periods of microsleep where he or she doesn’t know what is going on in the surroundings. As you can imagine, a trucker forgetting where or she is when in control of an 80,000-pound commercial truck is enough to lead to a tragic wreck. One of the ways in which a Bangor, ME trucking accident lawyer can help accident victims is to ensure that they receive answers about what led to the collisions that caused them harm. Investigating whether a truck driver was tired enough to fall into microsleep patterns is one such way an attorney can help uncover the truth.

State and Federal Trucking Regulations

Due to the high prevalence of commercial truck accidents, trucking regulations have been imposed at both the state and federal level. For example, a truck driver must rest for a certain number of hours before they can begin driving again. The intention of these regulations is to help protect truck drivers from putting themselves and others in jeopardy due to pressures of the job. These rules also help enforce the importance of truckers taking the rest they need to sleep, eat, and mentally check out from driving. Statistically, around one in every three commercial truck accidents involves trucker fatigue as a factor. When truckers and/or trucking companies break the law, a Bangor, ME trucking accident lawyer can help to hold them accountable for the harm they cause as a result of such infractions.

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What to Look for in a Trucking Accident Lawyer Bangor ME Trusts

There are many personal injury lawyers out there, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here are a few qualities you may want to look for in a trucking accident lawyer in Bangor ME:

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