Types of Injuries

Slip and Fall Lawyer Bangor ME 

Slip and Fall Lawyer Bangor ME Slip and fall accidents can happen suddenly and in an unlimited number of settings. A person can fall while completing chores in the home, while perusing the aisles in a supermarket, or even while walking to a table at their favorite restaurant. A back injury is likely to result after someone slips, trips, and falls. It is key that those who are suffering from such accidents see a doctor right away for an examination.

In this article, a slip and fall lawyer answers common questions regarding slip and fall accidents. We have covered topics including why someone would consult with a Bangor ME lawyer, what parts of the back can suffer damage, and where these kinds of accidents may arise the most.

Where are slip and fall incidents most likely to happen? 

Slip and fall injuries can occur anytime, and anywhere. The most common reasons why such injuries happen can include the following scenarios:

What other kinds of injuries may a person endure after slipping and falling? 

In addition to back problems, other body parts may be hurt as well. The head, neck, shoulders, extremities, kneecap, and spinal cord are at risk of being injured too. The most prevalent injuries associated with a slip and fall incident can include:

What if someone doesn’t feel any pain after falling?

Bodily injuries may or may not be felt right after a slip and fall. If the back is tweaked or a muscle is pulled, the person may feel this immediately in the form of a jolt or zing of pain. For other injuries, the damage may slowly develop and become observable over time. It may be best to see a doctor if you are unsure if you have sustained an injury so you can receive the care you need.

What if someone else is the reason I tripped and fell? 

Those who believe another person or company is at fault for their fall often turn to a legal professional for insight. There is the option of filing a lawsuit against this party. A slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME trusts from the David Bate Law Office can help you decide if this is the right decision for you, as well as assist you throughout the process.