What Should You Do if the Insurance Company Says Your Car is a Total Loss?

Car Accident Lawyer Bangor ME

If you’ve been an accident and your insurance company tells you your car is totaled, you may want to call a car accident lawyer Bangor ME drivers rely on. If your insurance company says your car is a complete loss, you may be confused as to what your options are or what happens next. David Bate, an experienced Bangor car accident lawyer, is here for you in this type of situation.

Which Insurance Company Pays for Damage?

Any car accident lawyer Bangor ME offers may tell you that in order to determine what your options are, you have to know which insurance company you’ll be dealing with — yours or the other driver’s. In order to answer that question, you have to look at who was at fault, the type of coverage, and the fault/no-fault laws in your state.

No-fault car insurance requires that the affected driver’s insurer pay for damages no matter who was at fault. If you’re in a no-fault state, you’ll likely file your damage claims with your own insurer even if the other driver was responsible for causing the accident. You may want to consult with a car accident lawyer in Bangor ME even if you’re only dealing with your own insurance company.

If you live in a fault state, your liability may be determined based on negligence. In this case, the insurer of the negligent driver pays for the damage. You may have collision coverage, which is supplemental insurance that pays all damages your vehicle sustains no matter who caused the accident. With collision coverage, you can file an insurance claim on your policy even if the accident is your fault.

Who Pays?

If the accident happens in a fault state and you were negligent, the other driver’s insurance won’t pay for your damage. Furthermore, your own insurance won’t pay for damages either unless you have collision insurance as discussed above.

If you’re in a no-fault state, the rules may vary. You may want to consult a car accident lawyer Bangor ME drivers trust to help you determine what possible actions you have.

When Your Car is a Total Loss

If you are told that your car is a total loss, the insurance agency that pays for your damages may only pay fair market value for your car. The fair market value is determined based on the day of the accident. Your car accident lawyer Bangor ME respects may know that this could be trouble for you if you owe money on your car, but it is determined to be worth less than this amount.

You should also know that the insurance company may take your car to sell it to recoup some of its losses.

If you disagree that your car is a total loss, you may be able to negotiate with the insurance company. In some cases, you may want to file a lawsuit.

Now that you know what options you have if your insurance agency considers your call a total loss, you may want to reach out to a lawyer. David Bate, a car accident lawyer Bangor ME residents would recommend is waiting for your call at 207-945-3233.