When to Contact a Brain Injury Lawyer

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Brain Injuries

If you have a loved one who was recently diagnosed with a brain injury, chances are you’re busy! You have to make sure your loved one is taken care of, but you also have to worry about scheduling appointments, paying bills, and dealing with the insurance company. Perhaps the doctor doesn’t know the full extent of your loved one’s injury so you’re wondering whether to contact an attorney now or later. The following should help you understand why now could be the best time to find a skilled brain injury attorney.

The Insurance Adjuster

If your loved one was involved in an accident that caused his or her brain injury, you may be in the middle of dealing with the insurance company. The provider will typically send an adjuster to investigate the claim, ensuring everything is accurate, and striving to protect the insurance company as much as possible.

Sometimes insurance adjusters dig deep to find evidence the injury isn’t as bad as you say it is. In such a case, you’d want an attorney on your side to counter the accusations made by the adjuster. Your lawyer can help to ensure the adjuster has all the right proof to show the extent of the brain injury isn’t known quite yet.

The Other Party Involved

In many cases, there’s another party involved in brain injury cases. For example, if your family member slipped and fell outside a business, the property owner would be the other party. If someone hit your loved one with a car, the driver would be the other party. Many third parties try to point blame at the victim, and if you find yourself in that situation, you’ll want a lawyer to fight for your loved one. It’s also possible that the other party will try to pay you off, which you should never accept, and a lawyer can help you understand why.

The Medical Providers

Chances are you’ll be hurting financially upon your loved one getting injured with a brain injury. All those medical bills begin to add up, leaving you with some you may not be able to pay. A lawyer can speak with medical providers to arrange payment plans and come up with deals for which the providers will be paid, including a possible settlement. If any providers try to sue you for payment, you’ll have legal counsel on your side already.

Contacting Your Lawyer Today

As you can see, there are some reasons you should contact a lawyer immediately following an accident that leads to brain injury. For more information, contact a brain injury lawyer, like a brain injury lawyer in Orlando, FL, today.

Thanks to Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. for their insight into when to contact a brain injury lawyer about possibly using their services.

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