Who Is at Fault in a Truck Accident?

  • By:David Bate

At the time of an accident, especially one that was caused by an irresponsible trucker, you may be blamed by their insurance company for the damages. It is wise to keep this phrase internalized as a driver: “do not accept liability”. It is easy to imagine that blame may get shifted to the person in the smaller vehicle because the trucker may lose their job by admitting they caused the accident. Around 60% of truck accidents occur between a small car and a truck and often the truck is to blame.

Most Common Causes of a Truck Accident:

Phone usage while driving

Although this is one of the most common reasons that driving accidents occur, it is difficult to prove because evidence can be easily disposed of. Phone usage is highly penalized so most drivers deny it happens. It becomes difficult to determine liability in these cases.

Changing lanes haphazardly

This means when a driver prevents another driver from merging into their lane or changing lanes in a hazardous manner, particularly when there are no traffic signals, law enforcement, or cameras around.

Turning unsafely or following someone too closely

There is a high likelihood of an accident if a trucker makes a wide turn and the lane or intersection they are entering is not clear. Similarly, rear end collisions are likely if a trucker can not appropriately judge the distance needed to maintain a safe breadth between the truck and another vehicle.

Stopping abruptly and/or Speeding

Rarely do small cars survive truck accidents with little damage. Trucks can even be lethal in certain circumstances. They carry tremendous loads and can accelerate to high speeds so it may not be possible for them to slow down quickly or stop immediately. It is even possible that cars and other obstacles will be crushed as a result.

Failure to obey road signals or slow down when necessary

Everyone is at risk when someone drives recklessly. If a trucker ignores road signs, signals and other environmental factors such as pedestrians, the road can become a deadly place. Other vehicles and their passengers are also endangered when sharing the road with reckless driver.


If a driver is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, their judgment becomes impaired. Being inebriated decreases your chances of making split-second decisions, especially when driving a truck. One could lose concentration and be unable to judge situations correctly, resulting in an accident.


Most truck drivers have the incentive to overwork, sometimes past the legal limits, because they are paid by mileage. Fatigued driving’s commonality is one of the leading causes of truck accidents. The lack of sleep leads to the inability to make quick responses and correct decisions which.


If you have been in a truck accident and are not at fault, call an attorney, like a truck accident lawyer you can trust. Truck accident lawyers can review your case to determine liability and following legal options. Then you may be able to seek damages from the liable party.

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