Why You Need a Reckless Driving Attorney

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Spending money on an attorney can be pricey. You might think of cases like theft or assault and believe that it makes complete sense to hire an attorney for those cases, but in the case of something seemingly more minor—like a reckless driving charge—you can handle it on your own. Before heading off to traffic court and representing yourself when a police officer charges you with reckless driving, you should consider the different reasons that it makes more sense to have an attorney on your side. Remember, a reckless driving charge is not the same as a speeding ticket or even a careless driving charge. If a judge chooses to convict you of reckless driving, it can mean a criminal record for the rest of your life. Here, you will find more information on how important a reckless driving charge is and why you should have an attorney help you in court.

1. Don’t mistake it for a traffic ticket. Traffic tickets are relatively simple. While they are an annoyance and you likely even have to pay a fine for it, you can probably get by with either paying the ticket outright or attempting to defend yourself in court. Worst case scenario, you are guilty of your traffic ticket but it is not on your criminal record. A reckless driving ticket, on the other hand, is a criminal charge. If a judge convicts you of reckless driving, it will go on your criminal record as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

2. Fines and punishments outweigh attorney costs. While a reckless driving attorney can seem expensive or unnecessary, consider what happens if you do not win your reckless driving case. Not only could this mean thousands of dollars in fines, but you could also face punishments like a license suspension, points off of your driving record, a huge increase in your insurance premium, and jail time. Your attorney fees will be well worth it when you don’t have a criminal record.

3. Court can be chaotic. Unless you are particularly familiar with courtrooms, going to court can be confusing. The building itself will often have many different rooms with different types of hearings, and you are likely just one of many people on a judge’s docket for the day. So, you must be prepared with your defense, what happened, and what you plan to plead. A reckless driving attorney can be incredibly valuable when it comes to navigating the courtroom and filing your documents.

4. Your attorney can negotiate. Before the hearing even begins, your attorney can negotiate on your behalf with the police officer who charged you to provide evidence or even show how you have chosen to be a safer driver (like showing certificates of driving improvement courses).

When a police officer charges you with reckless driving, it could change the direction of your life. Instead of worrying about defending yourself, hire a criminal lawyer Bangor, ME offers now who you can trust to advocate for you and stand by you in court.

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