Wrongful Death Lawyer Maine

GavelWhen faced with the death of a loved one through someone else’s fault, and the horrible loss of companionship, financial and familial support, you should call an experienced wrongful death lawyer Maine relies upon to take the legal burden from your shoulders.  I will investigate and advocate on your behalf for the compensation, the justice, you and your family deserve.  No recovery, no fee.

I am available at the office phone number or you can call my cell phone (207-478-1093) during evenings, weekends and holidays.  If I am busy, I will return a text message as soon as possible. If you cannot come to me, I will come to you.

Contacting me quickly is key.  There is a very short statute of limitations for wrongful death claims in Maine: 2 years.  After that, your claim will be barred (except in medical malpractice actions).  If the wrongful death claim is based on governmental conduct, a notice of claim must be served within 6 months of the incident and the claim filed within 2 years.  These issues should be handled by a wrongful death lawyer Maine respects.  The sooner you call, the better you are protected.

Early consultation with a lawyer seems like a petty bother and distraction following the death of a loved one, but an early consult can start your investigation going and can save or significantly strengthen your case.  Some evidence will simply disappear: witnesses, the accuracy of their memories, skid marks on the road, etc.  My investigator will promptly look over and preserve your case so nothing will be lost to time.  Witnesses will be interviewed while their memories are fresh.  Police officers’ reports can be corrected, if necessary, before the officers’ memories fade.  There can be a flurry of essential work in the first days or weeks after an accident that can make or break a case.  Knowing that, a wrongful death lawyer Maine trusts will set your mind at ease.

An insurance company representative will contact you not long after the accident in a subtle attempt to establish trust.  Do not talk to them.  They are not your friends.  Their job is to undermine or destroy your case.  The insurance will do what damage they can to your case until your lawyer calls them off.  Once a representation letter is received from a wrongful death lawyer Maine trusts, the insurance company has to leave you alone.

Once contacted, I investigate and assemble your case at your pace.  There is no monetary compensation that can make up for your loss, but it can ease the pain to know you received justice.  Establishing family financial security in the name of a loved one can take many forms: college accounts for children and grandchildren, retirement security, debt retirement.  Hard-fought legal compensation is not replacements for what was lost but a comforting legacy for the life you will so miss.

Delay in making the call to my office will not make you feel better (although it will make the insurance company feel better).  Let’s get this business end started and done quickly and as painlessly as possible so you can attend to your family.  As a trusted wrongful death lawyer Maine knows, I promise to doggedly advocate for you and your family.